The polypropylene sacks are packing materials obtained from polypropylene mixed with different adjuvant substances, that have the role of meeting their…


Cross-Corner Loops

Side-Seam Loops

Sleeve Lift

Amcillary Loops

Double Stevedore Straps

Single Stevedore Straps

Open Top with Hem

Tie-Down Flap

Duffel Top

Open Top with Tightening Holes

Open Top with Draw Cord

Single Stevedore Straps

Discharge Spout with Protection Flap

Discharge Spout with Protection Flap

Discharge Spout

Discharge Spout with Petal Closure


There is a wide range of products that are destined for loading, transport and manipulation in polypropylene Big-Bags sacks.

Among these we remind:

  • cereals;
  • mineral products;
  • alimentary products;
  • chemical products;
  • different types of powder;
  • gravel for dam construction;
  • products derived from the wood processing